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The latest updated guidance to the "Stay Home, Stay Safe" executive order reads as follows:
Q: Are real estate agents, brokers, and real estate service employees considered critical infrastructure workers under 2020-21?
A: These workers do not constitute “critical infrastructure workers” and thus may not leave their homes for work unless, under section 9(d) of the order, they are “provid[ing] food, shelter, and other necessities of life for economically disadvantaged or otherwise needy individuals, individuals who need assistance as a result of this emergency, and people with disabilities.” This is a tightly circumscribed category that captures only work that must be carried out in person and is absolutely necessary to assist those with a genuine and emergent need, such as an immediate lack of shelter. All work must be carried out remotely to the greatest extent possible.

We understand that this is a difficult time on real estate agents who want to attend their closings. We assure you that we are taking care of your clients and making them as comfortable as possible in their closing process. If you're interested in video conferencing in with your client- we are absolutely open to that and would love to see you via video call. 😀
Together, we will get through this!


In accordance with the Michigan Governors most recent order, we want to clarify that title companies ARE considered ESSENTIAL businesses under financial services. The list of critical infrastructure and industries developed by the department of Homeland Security states "Workers who are needed to process and maintain systems for processing financial transactions and services (e.g. payment, clearing, and settlement; wholesale funding; insurance services; and capital markets activities."
According to the American Land and Title Association as well as our underwriters, we fall under this category.

We have put in place many changes within our offices to adapt and stay ahead of this outlined in the image to the right.
On 3/21/2020, we had CorpClean sanitize the office completely, and will continue to do so every two weeks until further notice. In addition to the steps outlined below, we have installed 4 sanitizer stations around each closing room and copy room, and will maintain the absolute minimum amount of people per closing room to abide by the 6 foot rule.
Please, if you are not required to sign documents at closing- stay home.

We are taking our clients and employees safety very seriously.
Thank you for letting us serve you. Happy Closing!