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Learn more about title transfer, clearances and
real estate transaction settlements by visiting the links below.

Understanding Tax Prorations

Home Closing 101

Buying a house is an exciting time. Learn what it takes to get the keys to your home and why you should purchase an owner’s title insurance policy to protect your property rights.


The Voice of Real Estate in Southeast Michigan

Our Mission is to be the advocate for real property rights and to enhance the professional success of our members.


Your Source For Home Builders in Monroe County

Your Source For Home Builders In Monroe County
We are a trade association that helps to promote the policies that make housing a national priority.


Monroe County Business Alliance

The Monroe County Business Development Corporation and the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce had on and off-again discussions as to how the two organizations might work closer together for efficiencies and sustainability for years. These discussions not only centered on administrative efficiencies and savings, but also focused on how one organization could become a central conduit for all things business development related in our community.

Discussions resumed in late 2020 and a working group was assembled consisting of the Executive Committees of the Monroe County Business Development Corporation and the Chamber of Commerce. Included in the working group were stakeholders in our community representing local businesses and the County of Monroe and its Commissioners. After careful consideration, conversation, and the development of a plan, the Monroe County Business Alliance was conceived.

The Monroe County Business Alliance was formed and started work as a new organization on January 1, 2023

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